Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our Little Champ - Ruchir turns 3!

April 3, 2016 -  Sunday:

Our little champ - Ruchir turned 3 today! He has been such a darling of a kid despite his non-stop, never ending 'naughty'-ness! 

Co-incidentally, my Father In-law turned 70 a few days back and we decided to celebrate his and Ruchir's birthday together today.

Early morning, Harish and myself drove all our families to 'Gadidam' - Sri Venkateshwara Swamy temple @ Bagepally, about 100 Kms from Bangalore. This temple has been the family temple for our In-Laws and the timing was just right to visit this temple on the occasion of the 2 birthdays!

We grouped ourselves into 2 cars, Harish's and mine. We reached Gadidam temple by 8:30 AM, took the Darshan, met the chief priest of the temple and even had the 'Prasada' at his residence. We started our return back to home by 11 AM.

Lavanya and Souji cooked a super lunch for all at home.

Post lunch, we decorated the house with loads of Balloons, one of the biggest wishes of Ruchir on his Birthday! Thanks to Harish, Sanjana and Pooja for making our home transform into a party hall!

The theme of Ruchir's Birthday was the 'Red Car' that he has been dreaming all these days. We bought him a  'Red Car' (manual / pedal) and ordered a cake for him from 'Cake-of-the-day'. The Cake had the picture of the Red Car from the Hollywood animation movie 'Cars'! Souji did a fantastic job on getting the return gifts that were also based on the same theme!

Ruchir other wish was to invite all his friends from the Apartment which we did. Souji had arranged for a catered dinner as well for all our guests.

Our special guests of honour for the evening celebrations this time was Anirudh and Abhiram.

With all his friends and relatives, Ruchir cut his 3rd Birthday cake amidst loud cheers and he thoroughly basked in the spotlight on him!. He was one happy Kid and the that was visible in his eyes!

Thanks everybody for all the wonderful wishes, gifts and blessings received in person, over WhatsApp, Facebook and all other types of communication available! Thanks everybody for making his day filled with fun and excitement! 

Here are some photos and videos taking during the day!


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