Friday, July 03, 2015

Visiting Muthyaalamadavu and Adventure Village Resort

May 1st, 2015

This summer, we did not get too much time to do a planned travel and so did a mini outing, on the Labour day off.

Without any planning, we jumped into our car and initially thought we will spend some time at a resort, but while driving along the Kanakpura road, we decided to check out Muthyaalamaduvu.

I had visited this place a couple times way back when in high-school back in the fag end of 80s! But Soujanya had not seen this place and thought it would be nice to give it a visit.

The summer weather had become humid with couple of rainy days earlier. We reached Muthyaalamaduvu in an hour. The roads are excellent right till the place, which just has a bus terminus, Hotel Mayura and few other hawkers.

We climbed down about 150-200 steps to reach to the bottom of the cliff. Lots of monkeys around and a few people. The falls that used to look like a 6 inch diameter pipe let off from 300 foot, now actually flows on the rocks and doesn't even fall!  So much for the falls! But no surprises here as this was expected! They also have built a check dam up the hill, so whatever comes down is just the excess and hence the trickle.

We climbed up, and it was already noon time. Saw the advertisement of 'Adventure Village Resorts' and drove into that direction. The resort was about a KM away from the falls. We enquired and quickly got in before the lunch hour. 

Pooja and Ruchir enjoyed good fun with the Trampoline. Later Souji and Pooja tried the Rope Slides that started from over the top of a huge tree and ended after a slide of about 100 meters. Exhilarating stuff! Both Pooja and Souji loved it.

Pooja doing the Slide

Souji doing the Slide

For some time, all of us Played Basketball, including Ruchir! Lunch was very decent and nothing to cry about. No great shakes here. I tried my hand with Archery for the first time and it was good fun. I hit some good shots and was quite impressed with that!.

Trying my hand at Archery!

And before the crowd started pouring, I got Pooja, and Ruchir into the Pool and enjoyed a couple of hours playing with them. This was Ruchir's first dip in the Pool and he was mighty thrilled and had a blast. Real fun playing with Ruchir.

Ruchir and Pooja @ the Pool

Ruchir Playing BasketBall

Souji and Pooja Playing BasketBall

Later the kids spent some time playing swing. Post that we took a walk behind the resorts which opened out into a mango orchard and timing was just right as there were many trees loaded with mangoes. Pooja monkeyed around climbing a few trees and plucking a few good ones. 

By now the sun was almost about to go down and so were our energies. We packed our back, got into our car and started back to home. 

Overall, had a great outing. Unplanned, but effective!

Here are some pictures that we took during our outing.


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