Sunday, November 22, 2020

Trek to SRS Betta with Harish and Lavanya - Oct 3

October 3, 2020 - Saturday

A lazy Saturday afternoon transformed into a beautiful trek as we made an unplanned visit to the Sri Revana Siddeswara Betta (SRS Betta). Completely unplanned till the last minute, we made plans on the fly and just took off.

We had been to Harish's home and decided to do this trek in the last minute, we made plans on the fly and just took off. Pooja, Ruchir and Sanju stayed back at Harish's home itself. What a miss!

We reached this place in about an hour's time driving through Mysore Road. Google Map gives the perfect location.

The Temple was closed and the gates to the trek was also closed by the lady police guard. But coaxed her into opening the trek route by promising that we would be back in an hour max. 

The climb was definitely steeper with lot more steps compared to the Gudibande hill. Each step, you climb 1 feet!. Quite a steep climb, but quite safe. Kids will need help as there are some risky sections, even though the authorities have ensured guard rails every where. 

It took us a good 45 minutes to get to the top and as they say, 'The view is from the top'. Fantastic views of the location. Lush green everywhere. A beautiful spire has a 3 metal bells hanging, making it a beautiful scenery when these views merges with the open horizon in the backdrop.

We spent going around the flat top of the hill and also checking out the little temple tucked a few steps below and behind the far side of the hill. 

After about an hour on top, taking loads of pictures till the batteries drained out, we descended to the base in about 30 minutes. We thanked the Lady Police profusely at the entrance, for allowing and waiting for our return.

Funny part - I mentioned this new discovery of ours to Dr. Pradeep (my friend, just in case if he was not aware of this hill). He scolded me, 'breathless' and non-stop for the next 30 minutes. SRS Betta and temple happens to be his 'Mane Devaru' and got to know, they visit the temple every year without fail ! The scolding was for the fact that he could have arranged a full fledged meal and VIP entry to the hill, had we told him we were visiting. No worries, Pradeepa. Now we know!

On our return drive back, we stopped briefly at a beautiful Paddy field taking a few pictures. 

As they say, great things comes in small packages and this trek was surely one of those kinds!

Below are some pictures and videos from this trek.

Gudibande Trek


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