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"Samrudhhi" - "Gruhapravesha" of our New Home!

Gruhapravesha of our new home - 'Samruddhi' 

An activity that started with the 'Guddali Pooje - ['Ground breaking'] on Dec 3rd, 2018, reached completed state when we conducted the 'Gruhapravesha' of our new home which we have lovingly named 'Samruddhi'. 

'Samruddhi' is a state of mind which exudes a feeling of having everything. Great Parents, Family, Friends, Health, Wealth, Peace, and Satisfaction. 

April 25, 2019 - Thursday:

We left 'Chiguru' by noon and immediately got started on getting the house decorated for the grand function. A full load of relatives from our house left in multiple cars and all the luggage dispatched through a carrier. Rajesh and Pushpa joined us and helped garlanding the house with loads of 'Shamanthige' Hoova [Chrysanthemums]. The 'Tenginagari Chappra' got done by 4 PM and the Caterers arrived with Coffee and Snacks right after.

The 'Shamiyaana', and the external decoration lights arrived way later than agreed and caused a lot of anxiety. But once the lighting was switched on, the house was looking gracious. Loved the view!

With all the near and dear ones, the evening functions were conducted at the ground floor starting with Ganapathi Homa, Vaastu Homa, Navagraha Homa. The functions ended in 2.5 hours and the dinner was served under the well lit Shamiyaana at the adjacent vacant site.

Souji's Parents and relatives from Adoni, Bellary and Hyderabad stayed overnight at the house. Bedding and all other arrangements were taken care of early knowing that guests would be staying back here would need these to be arranged for a comfortable stay overnight. We [My parents, Deepu & family] all returned back to our houses, as we had to enter the new house only during the right 'Muhurtha' between 4:40 AM to 5:00 AM.

By the time we prepared for the big day ahead, and took rest, it was past midnight.

April 26, 2019 - Friday:

We got up at 2 AM and got started for the long day ahead! We left Chiguru by 4 AM and reached Samruddhi by 4:30 AM! Our In-laws who stayed overnight had already gotten ready with everything that was needed for us to enter the house. Deepu brought Anna and Amma and joined us right on time.

A photographer whom we had hired for the day arrived on time, [After having reached some Gruhapravesha house in the same area by mistake!]

With the divine blessing of Gods, Parents, Relatives and friends we did the 'Pravesha' of our new 'Gruha' during the auspices time.

The function was followed by the milk boiling ritual. The milk overflew while the ladies sung 'Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma'. Happy coincidence!

We then did one more Homa that could not get completed the previous night.

Kaveri Caterers were ready serving breakfast of 'Masala Dosa', 'Avalakki Oggarane', 'Kashi Halwa', Coffee and Tea. Got to know by the feedback, that Masala Dosas were a fantastic hit!

We did few other regular rituals including 'Hoo Veelya', Hosilu Pooja and nailing the hosilu with the coin, seeing our newly constructed house in the mirror etc... by 9:30 AM.

Anna and Amma performed the 'Devatha Pooja' in the 1st floor followed by the Aarthi. We conducted the 'Satyanarayana Pooja' in the first floor which took another hour and a half. With all the folks assembled in the first floor, adjusting themselves wherever possible, our house had turned itself into a stadium of sorts!

It was so nice to see all the guests coming over and participating in the function. Souji's cousins from Adoni, Hyderabad, Bellary, Paddu Aunty & Balaji Uncle from Chennai had graced the occasion and infact had stayed over at our new residence overnight.

'Paada Pooje' function was held followed by Lunch at 12:30 PM. The South Indian lunch menu had 'Corn and Kadilekaayi Kosumbari', 'Alugadde Fry Palya', 'Sakkare Obbattu', 'Maddur Vade', 'Pineapple Gojju' apart from 'Bisibele Bath', 'Shavige Paayasa', 'Sandige', 'Happala', Rice, 'Tomato Saaru', 'Mosuru' followed by a cup of 'Ice-cream'. Packaged water instead of regular tumblers.

Anjanapura probably had never seen such a huge gathering of people ever! And we were happy to receive them all who had made time to come a long way that too during a week day to bless us all. Thanks to all of the guests!

We took a good break for a couple of hours before the guests in the evening started to arrive. The colorful serial lights of green, white  & blue, dropping from the top of our building made it a wonderful sight! Had always thought of having such type of lighting whenever we constructed a home and that time had come! Thanks to the ever-ready beloved wife without whom this would not have happened!

Dinner was served by 7 PM onwards so that visiting guests had ample time to visit and get back home before it got too late for them.

The function concluded by around 10 PM. Most of us stayed back overnight at the house.


April 27, Saturday:

All of us got ready lazily by 8 in the morning. Everybody participated in cleaning the house. 'Punarpooje and Aarathi' was conducted at both the floors. We were all done with all the activities by 11 AM. We dumped as much belongings as possible and left back to respective homes by noon.

Thanks to all the relatives who helped us during this marathon 3 days of efforts, without whom it would not have been possible to conduct this event. Our wholehearted appreciations. 

Overall - Great 3 days of non-stop functions, people, food and merry making. And a whole lot of memories captured through pictures and videos shared below.

Samruddhi - Gruhapravesha Photos and Videos


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