Saturday, November 28, 2020

Birthdays of 2020 and the 'Corona Effect'

Nov 28, 2020 - Saturday:

2020 has been an exceptional year in the sense that nobody in the world expected anything like this. The 'Covid-19' Pandemic that started in China has affected every country across the world and devastated the lives of billions. 

India as a country and every other person has had to endure hardships one way or the other. Despite all these disturbances, life goes on, sometime as usual and some time takes a different path. 

Below is how we celebrated our Birthdays during the year with a glimpse of information on how the Corona played its part during these days.

Jan 11, 2020, Saturday

Corona Pandemic had not even hit India and it was just still as an insignificant headline  on the news, back then. Except for Pooja's birthday, all other Birthdays this year was under lockdown. Lucky bum!. 

On the morning of her birthday, she was pampered with a bunch of goody-gifts. Souji, Amamma and Ruchir enjoyed the gift-unveiling ceremony.

We then did a quick visit to Vinayadeep, where she got the blessings from her Ajji and Tatha.

In the noon, we took her to the Hero Cycles Showroom in BSK II stage and bought her a new shiny Bicycle of her liking.

Pooja wanted to celebrate her birthday eating out the best North Indian cuisine, at a hotel. Her wish was granted as we celebrated her Birthday at the 'Subz' accompanied by Sanju, Lavanya and Harish  

The cake was on the house and the buffet spread was out of the world. Tasty food and she was very happy!

Feb 2, 2020 - Sunday

By this time, Corona is now a big thing and countries are already thinking how to handle this pandemic. All news channels are covering Corona and our Government is also planning on how this pandemic is going to affect India and the next steps. Scary times. 

Since it was a Sunday, we all were there at Vinayadeep. Anil joined along with Putty Aunty along and she being just there was the greatest gift, Anna could have asked for on his Birthday. It has been quite a while since they had met with each other.

It had been 3 or 4 months since Anna had stepped out of the house, ever since he has been having knee pains. It was a good catch-up overall.

We got a Cake for Anna and as usual Ruchir spared no time in inviting this little friends to joint his grandparent's party. 

Afternoon, I took Anna and Amma on a whirl-wind 'View-from-car-window' tour of all the temples in and around Hanumanthanagar, Gandhibazaar, Basavanagudi areas. We started with Panchamukhi Temple -> Rama temple in Ashok Nagar -> Puttige Matha, Raghavendra Swamy and Sreenivasa Temple next to BMS College, Anjaneya Temple opposite to Gandhi Bazaar' and then returned home!

April 3, 2020 - Friday

Covid-19, was in full rage across India. PM Modi had ordered total lock-down for almost a month now. Everything except essentials were available. No schools, colleges, sports, entertainment like Theaters, Malls, or Social engagements like Marriages, Parties or functions.

Ruchir was really hoping the lock-down that started in March would be lifted, but that did not happen. But that did not happen. He was so looking forward for a good cake, lots of friends and relatives, lots of gifts, but none of these were possible. Nobody was allowed to move outside of their house. So visiting grandparents, or they coming over was also not possible. We were able to connect with them only via phone.

That said, instead of having 1 big Birthday, we made small celebrations, multiple times all at the confines of home :-) Such an adjusting kid he is, despite that relenting feeling of having a good birthday with Friends and Relatives, he was able to understand that this time we had to manage without one and he was able to take it in! 

Souji and Ruchir baked a neat cake and decorated it with icing sugar and Cadbury Gems. Pooja prepared a lovely Greeting card. Souji also gave new Shirts. We also got him a Sketch-Pen set, a Picture filled encyclopedia that had lots of info on Dinosaurs, his latest craze off late. He also got a 'Mechano-set' as his gift.  

In the evening, we all went over to the terrace of our apartments at Vishnu Residency and had a Roof-top Picnic! Souji had prepared Ruchir's favourite Tomato Bhath, French Fries, Milkshake, Noodles and Cake all home made and as good could be. Ruchir loved the outing and so did we too!

April 14, 2020 - Tuesday

Every week, we were hoping the lock-down got lifted. But it did not. By this week, we were able to sneak out to the backside of a bakery and order a little cake for Soujanya. 

We moved the dinner table to the hall, under the chandelier, and that became our Birthday Table. We invited Ruchir's friends in the apartment and they were more than delighted to come over and be a part of rare outing of sorts from their house to ours!

In the name of Souji's Birthday, Ruchir cut the cake along with his friends in the apartment. Ruchir enjoyed the spotlight he was hoping for and surely made his day. And Souji too graciously enjoyed the Birthday that were hers in the joy of Ruchir's celebration.

For the special dinner, there was Vegetable Pulav, Culets, Raita, Rasogullas, Milkshake, Fanta, Masala Papad and Carrot Halwa! And the Cake of-course!

May 10, 2020 - Sunday

There were news of lock-downs getting lifted in phases, but the fear of infections were on every ones mind. But the roads were opened out for movement during the weekends, and it being a Sunday, we were able to visit my parents as well. Mango trees in our house had a bumper yield this time and so was that of our neighbors. So much mangoes this time that they are raining mangoes right on our terraces every day. One can simply pluck it out of our bare hands, just standing on the terrace, a beautiful sight to see!

Pooja and Ruchir made very beautiful Birthday card for me. Just so happy that they are able to pen their thoughts and express their feeling. Such a beautiful phase of life it is. 

We had also bought my favourite Ice-Cream Cake from Ibaco, and this time it was Mango-Almond Duet. I loved the ice-cream cake ever since Souji got it many years back on my Birthday and ever since this has remained the best Ice Cream Cake I have had so far.

For evening dinner, Souji had prepared Samosas, Butter Naan, Alu-Corn-Mattar Subjee, 7-Cups Sweet and the Ibaco special Ice Cream Cake. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the day! Thanks to Souji and Kids for making it special!

Aug 9¬10, 2020 - Sunday-Monday

Harish, Lavanya and Sanju had visited our house, now @ Samruddhi. It was late evening on the 9th and a good opportunity to celebrate her Birthday, the very first of many at Samruddhi! 

We chit chatted till mid-night and at the stroke of 12, Sanju cut her Birthday cake on Aug 10 " 12:00 AM - A perfect start to a new year! 

Black forest cake and Hot Samosas summed up for nice Birthday party.

Oct 26, 2020 - Sunday

Lockdowns have been completely off now and things are turning towards normal. But wearing Masks whenever in public, Hand sanitizing as many times as needed and social distancing have been the norms.

Since 27th was a Monday (working day), we all went to Vinayadeep on Sunday 26th itself and then I took Amma and Anna to visit Jaggu Maama's house. It was close to 6 or 7 months since Amma and Jaggu maama have seen each other, except on the phone.

While coming back, I got the Jolada Rotti Oota parcelled from the famous Uttara Kannada hotel on MES High School Road, just behind 4th Block Bus Stand. We had also packed some Sakkare Obattu and Pedha's from 'Holige Mane' on 9th Main. 

We spent a good time at Hanumanthanagar and then left back to Samruddhi in the evening.

Birthdays of 2020 and the 'Corona Effect'


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