Saturday, April 15, 2017

Anna @ 79

Feb 2, 2017 - Thursday,

Anna completed 79 years today and we cut a cake at 'Vinayadeep' in the evening!.

Here are some photos we took during this day!
Anna @ 79

Pooja @ 10!

Jan 11, 2017 - Wednesday

Pooja completed 10 years and we wanted to celebrate her birthday a bit differently this time.

So instead of the usual celebrations we do inside our home, we thought we should celebrate this outside and so we organized a quick birthday at McDonald's outlet near Banashankari II stage, opposite BDA Complex.

Pooja invited her friends from the apartments for the event. We had a wonderful time with all her near and dear ones who joined us for the celebrations.

On her 10th Birthday, we gave Pooja 10 unique gifts, each representing a year of happiness she has given us all. 

Here are some photos we took on this day! Happy Birthday Pooja!

Pooja turns 10 !!!

Ruchir @ 4 - Grand celebrations at Chiguru!

April 2, 2107 - Sunday

Ruchir's Birthday was actually on the Monday, 3rd April. However, Souji and I were very busy with Office and her Montessori Training and exams. So we decided to have the birthday celebrated when everybody will be available, so chose a day prior to his actual birthday.

Ruchir @ 4
Ruchir has been seeing a lot of birthdays of his friends at School and at our apartments and other places. This time, he was craving for all the attention that one deserves on a Birthday and had been waiting for months for his Birthday to arrive.

To make his Birthday memorable, we got our home decorated with  Balloons all over the house through an agency [Showtime]. 

And a little something more. Ruchir has been watching 'Little Krishna and his friends', a beautiful animated set of stories and since then, has been dreaming to visit Dwarka, to meet Krishna and his lovely friends. In that light, we made 'Little Krishna' as the theme for his Birthday. The signboard at the entrance of the house, The backdrop behind the Balloon Arch had loads of cutouts of Krishna. The special cake we ordered from Cake of the day also based on the same Krishna theme!

None of the folks except Souji and me knew about the plan so had to keep Ruchir at his Amamma and Naana's place till the time the house was decorated. And when Ruchir stepped inside the house, his reactions were priceless!. He had been wanting for this for a long time!. Here is a little video to capture that moment!

And in due time all his friends from our apartment arrived and we cut the cake by noon amidst loud songs, cheer and good wishes from everybody in the house. Happy Birthday Ruchir!

We had catered lunch from Kaveri Caterers. The menu was simple and the kids loved the food and so did all the others.

Ruchir loved his new dress, the decorations, the cake, all the attention, and all the gifts! Post the lunch session, he couldn't wait longer to open his gifts and played with them to his hearts content!

Overall, Ruchir's 4th Birthday was a super event and we always wanted to do something special this time. We had done something similar to Pooja when she turned 2, and now it was Ruchir's turn.

Here are some pictures that we took during the celebrations. Hope you like them!

          Ruchir turns 4 !!!