Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ruchir's starts schooling @ DPS!

8th June, 2016 - Wednesday:

Our little boy, Ruchir started his formal schooling at Delhi Public School, following his sister's footsteps.

His new Address - Ruchir Vinay, Nursery J Section, DPS!

Anna and Amma came home to see him off on his first day. Souji and I accompanied him to the school till his class gates. Dressed in his Red Shirt and Beige knickers, an ID card pinned to his shirt's pocket, a Blue bag, lunch kit and black shoes, he was one happy kid.

Parents were requested to be seated in an adjoining class room (for the first 3 days) just so that they can be reached in case if their kids needed help. Ruchir however, was more than happy to go inside and did not even look back. 

Overall, a huge milestone in his life. Wishing him the very best for his schooling.

Here are some photos that we took on this day.

Ruchirs 1st Day @ DPS!

His first pre-nursery photos at @ Little Elly, can be viewed here: