Monday, April 06, 2015

Ruchir's 2nd Birthday!

April 3, 2015, Friday

Ruchir celebrated his 2nd Birthday along with his near and dear ones. It was a Good Friday holiday as well! 

This time we ordered the 'Almond and Butter Cream Cake' from Cake of the day. We invited a whole lot of folks to join his Birthday Party, not to mention all the kids in our apartments.

The special guests of honour were Madhuri's kids Abhiram and Anirudh.
 It was nice to have Soujanya's Dodamma and Maava from Adoni, join us during the function.

Soujanya and Lavanya prepared a wonderful full-fledged 4 course authentic South-Indian lunch, served on Plantain leaves for all the guests. Shavige Kheer, Ambode, Jamoon, Mango chitranna, Kosambari, Peanut Masala, All-tarakari Kootu and many more dishes made out the best lunch we had in months!. All the elders loved it! The Almond butter cake and the Orange Ice-candy turned out to be a great hit with the kids.

Post lunch, Ruchir was dressed as 'Krishna' and posed for some cool Pictures which we shot on the terrace!. It took 5 people and 1 hour to get him dressed. Thanks to all the Aunties and Uncles in the house, who helped us manage the sanity of the house while he was getting dressed :-)

Later in the evening, all of us visited the 'Devagiri' temple as Soujanya had signed up for a 'Samohika Kalyanotsava' there.

Overall, we definitely had a wonderful day celebrating Ruchir's birthday. Hope Ruchir can remember all this :-)

Here are some Photos and Videos of Ruchir's 2nd Birthday.

Pooja turns 8!

Jan 11, 2015, Sunday.

Pooja completed 8 years and as usual had invited some of her closest friends from our apartments, school and all the near and dear ones.

Cake was ordered from Cake-of-the-day and Pooja loved it!. Not to mention the attention and the cool gifts she received this time around!.

The funny part was Ruchir observing the proceedings with the 'What's happening here? Somebody care to explain>' look in the photographs.

Happy Birthday, Pooja! 

Here are some photos taken during the event.