Saturday, October 25, 2014

Deepavali of 2014

Deepavali of 2014
(Oct 22-24)

This time we had visited Hossur on the Tamil Nadu border of Bangalore. A place where the prices of crackers are about 20% lesser than in Bangalore.

So had been there just to see how the world comes alive during the peak season of Deepavali when most Bangaloreans buy their crackers.

The crowd here was maddening and all the stores on the Hossur Road got converted into a cracker shop. This little town transformed itself into a 24X7 industry and it is mind blowing to see how much of transactions takes place here in an hour!.  

We shopped crackers like crazy this time! It was a fun experience.

Oct 22, 2014 - Wednesday - Narakachaturdashi
Applied for a couple of days of leave from office to enjoy the only festival that is fun for all ages. The only festival meant purely for being with folks you love and spend some quality time. Good food, good fun and no nonsense!

The day started lazily with heavy overnight showers trying to wreck havoc as the North East Monsoon swept the whole of South India. We reached Vinayadeep in the morning and spent some good time catching up before the 'Arathi' session took over. 

Pooja enjoyed bursting some crackers in the morning and Ruchir was happy just being himself. We did a bit of shopping at Jayanagar after a heavy lunch at home and by the time we reached back, the monsoon rains took over and washed the rest of the evening, leaving Pooja disappointed.

Oct 23, 2014 - Thursday - Laxmi Pooja
This time as well, we invited a few of our relatives to celebrate Deepavali at our Apartments. Special Guests this time were Sanjeev and Sarju's Parents and Kids.

Our Parents from both sides arrived earlier during the day along with Harish and Lavanya. We spent the day watching movies, and the usual discussions around everything interesting!

The rain gods showed mercy after a brief spell in the evening and that allowed us to bring on all the fire power we had purchased from Hossur! Out came the sparklers, flowerpots and the fancy items and we literally brought the sky down with some pure blitzkrieg. Our guests of honour, Sanjeev Sarju and Family joined first and later by Deepu and family making the atmosphere electric.

We got the dinner catered for all of us and that made sure all the ladies got some rest to enjoy the festival.

Sarju's father impressed us all with his outstanding rendition of Mohd. Rafi and old Kannada songs. His choice of numbers brought out the 'Nat-kats' of Shammi Kapoor's best songs. Nisha and Srivalli sang equally well as well, making it a fun filled evening. 

Glittering Light, Great food, Soothing Music and a cracker of a night with fun loving people around... Recipe for a perfect Deepavali. Thank you all for making it happen.

Oct 24, 2014 - Thursday - Balipadyami
We all got up late after a long day yesterday. Lunch was at InLaws house where all of us gathered. Post lunch, Soujanya, Lavanya and FIL headed to the Central Mall and spent a couple of hours window shopping. We had some relatives of Soujanya visit us at their place and spent time catching up with them.

In the evening, all of us headed to Vinayadeep where we burst all the remaining crackers. Pooja, Sanju and Ruchir had a ball of a time. Ruchir loved all the night fireworks, especially the Flower pots. He had a great time.

The 3 day festival marathon completed in great pomp and style! Adios 2014, Welcome 2015.

Here are some photos and videos taken during this year's Deepavali 2014 celebrations.