Sunday, March 02, 2014

Pooja's 7th Year Birthday!

11th Jan, 2014 - Saturday:

Pooja's 7th Birthday. Pooja was waiting for this birthday for almost a year now!!! She wanted her day to be special and wanted it to be celebrated in a party hall with lots of friends and family. She was counting for this day to arrive and was dreaming about this the whole year long. At her age, Birthday is a big day and we decided to have her birthday celebrated in a party hall inviting her school friends, apartment friends and family.

So we booked 'Presto' an new hotel which has been renovated by customizing an old palatial house that existed here. This place offers a couple of large halls that can be used for small parties like this. The ambiance was great and the suited our needs perfectly. 

The party began in the evening at 5 PM. The party hall was well lit with the chandelier adding a lot of glam to the party hall. The balloons and the neatly arranged chairs made a great appeal. Her friends started arriving from 6 PM onwards and they played a lot of games of their own. The 'Master of Ceremonies' (MC) arranged a few games like 'Musical chair, Bucket and the ball, Passing the buck' etc with loads of music. The kids had a blast playing all the games.

Diya and Ariana, (schoolmates from DPS) came a long way from their homes to be a part of the event. Srivali, Maya, Mahi, Prathyusha, Akshatha, Kshama, Manasa, and Sanjana made up the gang of girls who partied long into the evening. 

The cake, specially selected by Pooja had a towering Barbie standing on a 2-tiered pineapple cake! The cake was definitely looking lovely.

Pooja cut her 7th birthday cake amidst her dearest friends and family in loved every moment of it. Our new entrant 'Ruchir' was all around the place, jumping from shoulder to shoulder making sure his presence was felt.

The dinner started shortly afterwards and kids enjoyed Tasty Sandwiches, Pizzas, French Fries, Fruit Juices, Cakes, Chips and Ice-Cream! 

Lots of wishes, blessings and gifts were the greatest takeaway for Pooja on her 7th Birthday, which went very well. 

Here are some photos from the event. Hope you have a great time watching this as much as we had being a part of it!