Friday, October 28, 2011

Deepavali 2011 ! - My favourite festival!

Deepavali has been my favourite festival 'ad nauseam'! The festival brings in the 'Kid' in us, new clothes, an atmosphere of happiness and just great feeling. It doesn't have a rigid pooja regimen or the hectic preparation behind it. Simply put, it's so much fun and frolic!  Here's how we celebrated our Deepavali this year!

25th Oct, 2011 - Tuesday - Naraka Chaturdasi.
Celebrated Deepavali at 'Vinayadeep'. For a change, we decided that we will go out and explore the town, and see the world outside on a Deepavali day. We went around to Jayanagar complex and explored this part of town for the billionth time. Tried out the new food outlet 'Golmal Parathas'. 100% Veg and simply awesome taste!. Rs. 100 for a Paratha thali was reasonable considering the size of the Parathas, Quantity of Pulav and Subjees that came along. Taste was awesome and was a big hit with the family. So a good place to try out for anybody who have not been there already. This place is on one of the road that connects 4th Block complex to the 'Sapphire Toys shop'. (Bus Stand Terminal for buses going towards 9th block).

Raingods threw tantrums right through the afternoon dampening the festive spirit. Sarju, Sanjeev and Srivaali joined us for the celebrations in the evening and provided much needed company to celebrate bursting of crackers. Pooja, Srivaali and Nisha had a great time trying out their favourite crackers.

Deepu, Asha and Nisha joined the forces and literally put the entire street on fire!

26th Oct, 2011 - Wednesday - Laxmi Pooja
Soujanya had invited a lot of folks over to Chiguru for celebrating the 2nd day of Deepavali. Madhuri and the little 'Abiram' were the guests of honour for the day, accompanied by her parents. Harish, Lavanya, Sanjana, Parents-in-laws and my parents joined us for a wonderfully cooked lunch. 

Laxmi pooja is the bigger Diwali for Traders, Businessmen and North Indians and the area around our apartments have a lot of these people. As expected, the evening sky was lit with amazing fireworks. I perched on the roof top ready with my camera to capture the evening sky as Bangaloreans tore into the sky with brilliant display of firepower.

27th Oct, 2011 - Thursday - Balipadyami
Soujanya, Pooja and myself joined back Vinayadeep and spent the evening with family enjoying another round of crackers and lipsmacking food.

That ended a fun filled Deepavali of 2011 and waiting earnestly for the next one to arrive! Love this festival. Hope you folks too had a wonderful Deepavali too!

Here are some select pictures that were taken during the festival.

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At 10:15 PM, November 05, 2011, Anonymous Madhuri. said...

Amazing snaps of fireworks. Thanks for the nice picture of my little one.


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