Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BMTC Vayu Vajra Volvo Service to Airport (BIAL) Timings and Schedule

One of the truly amazing things that BMTC has done in the recent past is introducing the Vayu Vajra buses to Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) from all corners of Bangalore.

Recently, I had to fly out to a couple of places and was unsure whether the service was operating as they had announced on their website. I even got up in the middle of the night on the previous day of my journey and checked out if the midnight route was functional or not. And to my pleasant surprise, the bus arrived and departed exactly on time. Since then, I have always used this service and every time it has been a really good and reliable experience.

The Volvo buses and the journey to and from the airport was truly top class.

Thanks to BMTC for this wonderful service. They also have these Vayu Vajra Schedules hand-outs which can be picked up from the nodal points or can be referred from the BMTC website for latest schedules. Just in case, I have uploaded the scanned schedules with the current Timings and Schedules of Vayu Vajra routes to Bangalore International Airport (BIAL). Overtime, the timings may change, but is current, as of today (Sep 15, 2009).

Hope it is useful to all.


Facing Sheet

Inner Sheet 1

Inner Sheet 2

Closing Sheet

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

BMS - ELEC catch up @ Kuntz's place

Sunday, the 6th of September, all(most) of us - BMS ELEC - folks caught up at Srikanth's place @ J P Nagar.

Attendees included Sudheendra, Meera and Shruthi, Sanjeev, Sarju and Srivali, Naveen, Madhuri and Namitha, Sudhir and Jaya, Janardhan and Sowmya, Pooja, Soujanya and myself along with hosts Maaya, Chitra and Sreekanth.

The day warmed up with some major discussions around Sudheendra's recent invasion of China and how much he loved that place and his (mis)adventures with pure vegetarian food he consumed over there. Post that, we had some discussions going over with Education and Schooling in Melbourne, Bangalore and elsewhere followed by Alternate forms of Schooling, latest trends of schooling being adopted in Bangalore, followed by a few ideas on starting our own schools with the only motto of making money. With gray matter utilization reaching 100% and no space left to think more, Srikanth and Sudheendra went in search for Food for thought.

A super duper lunch with Spicy and Steaming Pulav, Raitha, Thair-Vada, Jamoons, Curd rice and Pedhas were just what the hungry souls wanted. Bur-rrrp!

The kids hijacked most of the lunch session and the next two hours afterwards, by a very good practical demonstration of how to bring the roof down with their tantrums. We (poor parents) were made mere spectators to the sunday matinee show of their amazing display of how easy it is to take control of the parents. Time was the only weapon the parents could bank on and we regained some strength when the sedatives worked to our benefit!

While entering the house, I remember the neatly ordered magazines, the creaseless bedspreads, all the cushions decked in place, chairs ordered neatly across the dining table. Well, need to admit that this was not how we left the house after the meeting! Thanks to our kids!

The tea-time soon followed where a new thread of discussion on Sudheendra's IIM college exeperiences which triggered off the nostalgic college days @ BMS, which continued till the late in the evening. Starting off with our exploits with various lecturers, our exam scores (and re-scores!), Copying stunts during tests (and its fallouts!), expectation of results after exams and consequences after results, Basketball days, amazing experience with our favourite lecturers starting from MNV, MM, Meena M'am, Alasingar, GG, RSD, SR, DRK, 'Crowbar' and many more!

By the way, no BMS-Elec discussion is ever complete without talking about the beautiful girls who have made BMS college of what it is today. The full list of girls right through our college days was discussed in the minutest detail. A few of them I guess are still being tracked even till today!. With all these discussions coming without any filters, I am sure newly married Sudhir and Janardhan would have a long drive back home. Sudhir, Janardhan, take care buddies and all the best. We will discuss about your 'traveling back home' experiences in our next meeting!

The event can be treated as one of the most 'rarest of the rare' in the recent past. Not because, it was difficult to get everybody under one roof with a short notice, but because, Sudheendra made it !!! 'Everybody' which included himself, wanted a photograph with him. A great group photo did the trick. Click on the snap below for a few other snaps.

Well, at the end, It was just another fantastic day to spend time with friends and hope many more do come by. It simply brightened up my day inspite of the outcast weather, the recession hit IT industry, and the rising price of Dals and Sugar.

Thanks so much everybody for taking your time off for keeping in touch with each other. We definitely missed Tarun, Rekha, Navya, and families of Archana, Shubha and Vermeen. Thanks Kuntz and Chitra for hosting us all. (to be read: for being patient till we all left)

Folks - It would be great if you can send across snaps from your camera as well. I will add them onto the blog.

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