Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pooja's First Birthday !

The 12th of January, 2008, We celebrated Pooja's First birthday (Pooja's actual birthday falls on 11th Jan).

The day started as a small get-together function at 'Chiguru' (our new house), where we had invited Soujanya's Parents, Uncles and Aunts and our parents.

In the evening, we organized a Birthday party @ 'Vinayadeep' and invited all the 15~20 friends of Pooja. We decorated our front yard with loads of buntings, baloons and colours.

We presented Whistles, Party Caps, Baloons, Pen and Pencils to all our chief guests of honour!.

At around 7 PM, Pooja cut her first birthday cake (Butterfly cake!) amidst loud cheers from all relatives and kids. The best part of the party was the happiness in the face of the kids who whistled the whole day with their piece of cryptonite well into the night.

Thanks to Sanjeev and Sarju, for making some time out of their baby-tight schedule to make it to the Party.

Overall, do not know if Pooja will ever be able to remember this, but We enjoyed 'her' birthday and will remain in our hearts for a long time to come.

Here are a few pictures that we took during the memorable occassion.
Pooja's First Birthday

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