Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vinnie the Poo(ja)

April the 5th, 2007, Our daughter finally got her basic identity ! With the blessing of all well wishers, henceforth, we will be calling her as "Pooja Vinay".

The other names that were a part of the ceremonial routine were "Sridevi - (Birth star name)", "Vaghdevi", "Seetha Bai" -- Elders Name (my paternal grand-mom), "SriLaxmi" -- gods name"

Her Naming Ceremony was held at the Ananthakrishna Hall, close to Soujanya's house at Kathriguppe. The event started at about 10:30 AM and concluded at 1:30 PM. Relatives and friends from Soujanya's end as well as my end had come down to bless the little one. The function went well in all regards.

It started off with a mouth-watering Idli-Chatni breakfast (one of the attractions to entice people into coming in early!!! ;-) ).The Poojar was the same person who got me and Soujanya married. The function took about about 3 hours but we thoroughly enjoyed the whole length. Our daughter was completely awake the whole length and infact plyaing all the while ! The best part was that she was actually sitting right from the begining not lying down on her mom's lap, which everybody considered a rare thing as babies that small do not do this stunt !.

A good lunch at the end concluded the event. Would like to thank everybody who was present on this occassion including people who wished us all virtually.

Here are a few photos from the occassion.
Daughters Naming Ceremony