Friday, February 23, 2007

3 Canons and a Sony ! -- Visiting Dublin, Ireland

A week long official training got me and my 4 collegues to Dublin, Ireland. Our trip lasted a week between 4th Feb to 12th Feb, 2007.

Dublin was exactly the same as it was last August, except that there was no leaves on the trees, the sun barely came out, Grafton Street had no hanging pots with those beautiful flowers and the temperature never rose above 5 deg C.

We visited a quite a large number of Bars this time and found out about the famous water holes in Dublin. Temple Bar, Market Bar, Portobello, Davy Byrnes and hic... what was tha ... hic..t !

The highlight of the visit was the unexpected Snowfall which was my first snowfall experience (though I have played in Snow many times earlier). Believe me, its a very nice experience to be there to recieve the first frozen droppings from the god above.

I am sure, the phirangs must be giggling around reading my description of the only activity they get to see in their entire life. DUDE ! It doesn't snow here in Bangalore - EVER.

Here are a few pics from the trip.

Photos from Dublin

Now, you must be wondering whats the deal with title of this blog. All these pictures were shot on 4 Cameras: 3 Canons and a Sony !

Here is the bloglink for my earlier trip to Dublin:

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