Monday, April 03, 2006

Touring Manali, Chandigarh, Amritsar and New Delhi

Finaly, after making 6 month long plans, we made it to the best places on the Indian soil for one of the best trips ever made.

Manali, the ultimate location for enjoying the snow-clad beauty of the Himalayas, Chandigarh, which hosts those wonderful, traffic free roads, Amritsar, with the beauty of the Golden Temple and history of Jallianwallah Bagh and New Delhi with it's amazing Beating-the-retreat ceremony.

The following blog(s) will explain in more detail about our experiences.
Would like to thank Ramaneesh and Vermeen, for making this trip such comfortable. Without them, this trip would not seen the light of the day. Also would like to thank Darshan for helping us out with our Chandigarh and Amritsar trips.

Pradeepa's Engagement

Hi Friends, Here are a few snaps that I shot during Pradeepa and Usha's engagement on July 1st. Congratulations to Pradeepa and Usha on this wonderfull occasion. Do post your feedback on the sidelines ! Regards, Vinay.

Srinivas Kalyana @ Ramakrupa

'Srinivasa Kalyana' @ Pranava, Ramakrupa - Conducted by Anu Maama - Jaggu Maama on 28th Aug, 2005


All the members of AOL Search, had a gala time on 3rd September, 2005 (Saturday), when we visited the Green Valley Resorts about 22 kms from Doddaballapur towards Gowribidanur. The resort has a Swimming pool, Basketball court, TT room, Tennis court, a Dance floor and a small deer park. Though all these offerings were not the best, it gave us some break from our regular routines and we all had a great day. Here are some snaps from the same event.

Happy New Year 2006

BMS-Elec India Inc. unanimously elected (forced) Tarun's house to be the ideal location for spending time together on New Year's eve. Thanks to Tarun, Rekha and Tarun's folks patience, the house was still in one piece when we dispersed the next day. Here are a few snaps that was taken during the event

Anna Amma 35th Wedding Anniversary

We all celebrated Anna and Amma's 35th year Wedding anniversary on the 21st of June. We had some good Chocolate Cake on this wonderfull occasion. Here are a few snaps taken on that day.

Trip to Chennai

I and Souji took advantage of the 3 day looong weekend and visited Paddu Aunty and Balaji Uncle in Chennai. As always, Balaji uncle made all the possilbe arrangements for us to visit the best places in and out of Chennai. The first day we visited the 'Marina Beach', Spencers Plaza Mall(3 times as big as Forum in Bangalore). The second day, we visited Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram and on the third day we shopped for sometime in Mamballam.

Cousins Association Meeting - 2005

The one day gala meeting of all the members of the cousins' association.

BMS Friends Day Out @ Silver Oak Resorts

The 5th of November, 2005, All our BMS friends had a blast of a time @ the wonderfull Silver Oak Resorts, Doddaballabpur Road. Attendees were Tarun & Rekha, Naveen & Madhuri, Sanjeev & Sarju, Sudhir and us (Vinay and Soujanya). We spent the whole day relaxing, playing and eating and relived those wonderfull days at BMS. The highlight of the day was the news that Sanjeev broke out on his new venture into becoming one of the board directors of InfoValley Corporation, Malaysia.

Home Grown Mango !

Hey ! Here's a mango that could have gone into the guinness book of records ! Home grown @ Vinayadeep, it weighed a whooping 1Kg and 350 Grams. Not to mention the sweet fragrance of a Raspuri with the sweetness of a Malagoa and the paper thin seed of a Tothapuri.

Mangala Gowri Vratha by Soujanya

Souji performed her 3rd year (30th Aug, 2005, Tuesday) of this Vratha with full of pomp and festivity as always. The photos captured here were on the final day of this Vratha. She started the pooja at 6 AM and completed it in an hours time. I must admire the way she prepared and conducted the pooja. Dressed in a Green Sari, my best half was looking resplendent and I couldn't stop taking snaps one after the other.

Bannerghatta Picnic

I and Souji visited a few of our relatives in the jungle. Infact it was a paid visit! Here are some snaps. Do let me know if you happen to see a common relative. Don't forget to leave your comments behind.